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Dental Bridges

  Bridges are the prosthesis of restorative dentistry. They replace the missing or lost tooth with slight support or anchorage from the neighboring teeth. Bridges can be suggested for one or more number of the missing tooth. If the teeth are left not replaced by any prosthesis, there may arise the teeth shiftings, crowdings, misalignments, overbites Temporomandibular joint issues, bite problems and also chewing masticatory and speech issues.

    Depending on the number of teeth missing, and the oral cavity needs the type of bridges are suggested in our treatment plan. We reshape the neighboring tooth that acts as anchorage to the artificial bridge.  Usually, a resin bonded bridges with two or more crowns are placed. Metal bridges are done by taking the impression. When done with the process of crafting the customized bridges, placing them and bonding them with the next tooth, the teeth are polished.


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