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Dental Implants

In adults, the implants are done when there is a tooth extraction or a gap in the dentition called missing tooth and for cosmetic aesthetics. They are the advancements to the existing bridges and the removable dentures.

Our team makes you aware of your dental health condition. They examine the bone capability to retain the implant. If grafting is needed, they do one and later process the further procedure. Once the implant is fused, crown and abutment are installed.

We take down the 3D and intraoral pictures and Panorex X-ray images. Then we locate the place for the implant. We surgically do the implantation where the implant is made of titanium and finishes the crown, which satisfies your aesthetic retentions. The abutment rests upon the implant and gets fused with the jaw bone. 

We provide natural-looking and long-lasting dental implants in Overland Park, KS. The implants we provide demands just regular cleaning as your teeth. It gives a natural feeling that doesn't need any further grindings. We welcome you to schedule an appointment for a thorough dental exam which helps us to determine whether you are a candidate for this.


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