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Dentures are the specialized restorations from the restorative dentistry. They replace the missing tooth or a missing arch. Having a denture placed pleases your aesthetics, helps your mastications, brightens your smile and avoids crowding of the tooth line. You may lose the teeth by periodontal disease, by infections, caries, cavities tooth decays or by accidents. This doesn't mean to go with a missing denture, for a lifetime. We provide a conventional denture that suits your jaw needs and support.

  •   Complete dentures

A complete denture replaces all your teeth. We suggest this to an edentulous dentition mostly seen in elders. These are comforting to use as they are removable.

  •   Partial dentures

 These are mounted either with the support of the surrounding teeth or with an implant into the bone. We go for a partial denture when there is one or few missing teeth. Removable dentures ease the cleaning and mastication, while the dentures with implants replace the tooth both functionally and aesthetically.

 We provide complete and partial Dentures in Overland Park, Ks. We process the tailoring of your denture beginning with taking impressions if your bite and jaw if implant dentures are needed, extractions and tooth shaping are done before fitting your denture. We schedule follow-ups to track the progress and your fit with the dentures regularly. The post care and precautions we give helps the patient get used to them in no time.


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