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Emergency Dentistry

We at Antioch Dental know the true denotation of an emergency, though the pile of appointments pours in the office, we always have a slot for the emergency cases. The emergency in dental health is nothing less in need, urgency, torment, torture, and pain when compared to that of a medical emergency. The patient deprived of dentist assistance endures a lot of agonies.

Dental emergencies:

Knocked-out teeth: 

Whatever the reason be, it is so annoying and sore to have a tooth knocked out, leaving us embarrassing us.

You’ll need a dentist to make figure it out. Out of hour services are provided in case of emergencies in Antioch Dental. Dr. Frankie Banhart attends the emergency cases on the prompt note, you need to be treated within 30mins of injury, Antioch Dental is all doors open at all times for such urgency.


We all undergo this ache at now or another time of our lives, from our very budding childhood to now, which can be complained as “ oh..!my tooth is aching..”, illiterate of various underlying unknown reasons by which it is caused.

It is caused by various reasons like broken or knocked teeth, dislocated teeth from crowns and roots broken, and decays or exaggerated cavities existing. If you mark any of these rights, we are at your rightful at Antioch Dental.

Jaw fractures:

These are the most painful emergencies more likely seen in men than in women, caused by accidents, facial trauma cases, slipping down, sports injuries, etc.

Dr. Frankie Banhart and our team meticulously ensure alleviation and care. The guidelines are given for the jaw fracture and identification of a jaw bone fracture.

The temporomandibular joint is dislocated from the bone, the lower lip becomes numb, causing bleeding, the inability to close the mouth and no support from the tongue. The jaw actually doesn't fracture but loses the ligaments and structures of TMJ.

Cracked tooth:

Did you ever come across your broken tooth piece while chewing a candy cane or a nutty? 

We offer tooth filling, and dental crowns, dental veneers, root canal treatments appropriate for your destroyed or complicated tooth here.

We are proud of the addition of the emergency service. Dr. Frankie Banhart, your emergency dentist in Overland Park, KS, is available to the emergencies, making treatment stretched out when in need of the patient. Visit us for sophisticated emergency treatments.


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