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Our chewing habits mostly utilize molars or back teeth. The food gets trapped in their ridges and crevices. As these are hard to clean areas of the tooth, they may welcome caries and cavities. We provide a solution in the name of dental sealants to safeguard those teeth.

 A dental sealant is a thin coat that is brushed on the surface of the molars. This seals the possibility of any cavities and tooth decay effectively. The plaque buildup, food getting trapped, the formation of cavities, bacterial invasion can be pushed back.

We take the process painless and sedation-free. For applying a coat of sealant, we clean the tooth. The tooth preparation and etching is done. After the tooth is ready, we brush a coat of sealant that dries off. A sealant can last for years. We suggest aftercare instructions and to ensure the sealant is hardened by a test.


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