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Sedation Dentistry

 Dental phobia and dental anxieties have been the stumbling reasons to skip dental visits. These are seen in children to the seniors, a person may experience a lot of panic, anxiety, and fear either because of the dental procedures, the needles or the pain involved. This leads to avoiding the dentist visits, worsening of the dental issues and deteriorating oral health. Sedation dentistry benefits scared patient in helping them relax and makes them sleep for a while. It is an anxiety-reducing method for patients who are nervous and uneasy. We provide different sedation options to make this easier.

  • Nitrous oxide sedation

        It is well known as laughing gas. A patient can stay awake and relaxed all through the procedures and regains to normal after the treatment. We make the patient breathe in the oxide, which relaxes the patient with a little dizziness.

  •   Oral-conscious sedation dentistry

        In this level of sedation, the patient goes into a greater state of sedation than the oxide, staying without panic. We provide medications that provide conscious sleep. Multiple processes can be done by giving this sedation.

  •   IV sedation

        This sedation is suggested depending on the patient's medical history and needs. We monitor the heartbeat, blood pressure and breath of the patient during the procedure. This remains for hours indeed.

         The sedation options that your oral cavity supports and the potential side effects and comforts tied with it are discussed and explained by us prior to the treatments.


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