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Teeth Whitening

  Tooth whitening is considered as the cosmetic process in the dentistry. Discoloration of the tooth, stained tooth, yellowing of the tooth, a damaged tooth from the acidic foods, aesthetic needs demands a pearl white teeth line. The over whitening products, use the bleaching substances may draw gum diseases and irritations, oral habits, and food habits, smoking, dark color, coffee, tea and tobacco, sugary acids deteriorate the tooth line. As brushing and cleaning techniques can't revert this, we discuss your goals and needs behind this while deciding a whitening treatment. We provide Tooth Whitening in Overland Park, Ks. We isolate the tooth and apply a coat of gel, and etch it with light. This process is repeated in steps, in timed sessions we finish this painless process, making the smile brighter, whiter and confident. We decide the concentration and the application of the gel as per the patient's needs.


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