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Digital X-rays

 Digital X-rays are the greatest advancements in evaluating the oral cavity over the traditional ones. The X-rays are used to examine the things that can't be visualized with a dentists eye. They are advantageous than the older ones both in accuracy, time, efficiency and evaluation.

The wait for films processing is replaced with live monitoring of the images. The radiation exposure is reduced to a great extent. This X-ray provides an effective understanding of the issues and needs of the oral cavity both to the patients and the dentists.

We carry on this x-ray evaluation by placing a sensor and lead apron shields, they mirror the issues clearly from the bone to the teeth structures in lesser time. The lead aprons protect your body. A careful assessment and discussion with the dentist will later make the treatment plan, based on all the considerations. We recommend a digital x-ray depending on the demands of the individual oral needs. A new patient is mostly recommended to go through one.


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